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Joel & Jessica

Joel & Jessica, Country Tent Wedding

Young, beautiful love surrounded everyone who attended the AMAZING country wedding of Joel and Jessica.  Looking around the breathtaking property, owned by Joel’s parents and where he grew up, I couldn’t help but see all the beautiful and  unique areas I wanted to photograph them.  Form the old Red Barn, endless paths and country charm, as week as a conveniently placed basketball court, you’re going to love the moments we caught.  The laughter couldn’t stop as the wedding parties had so much fun with the dear friends they were standing for.  Joel’s groom men were consisting of many of his childhood basketball friends, while Jessica’s wedding party were a mix of childhood friends, roommate and friends from University.  You can see they all were a exceptionally tight group of friends and complete joy to work with.


Vanessa & Kelly - Tulum, Mexico

Vanessa & Kelly, Destination Wedding - Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico provided a breathtaking backdrop for Vanessa & Kelly’s Wedding on the beach.  Surrounded by family and friends, they became man and wife with san beneath their feet.  I was so completely honoured to be a part of this wedding and being able to capture these memories and moments from this beautiful couple.

Fresh from their nuptials, Kelly enjoyed a day of golf with his father and friends while Vanessa relaxed with friends and family on the beach.  We managed to squeeze past another wedding and run down the beach to a beautiful, private area to share some amazing moments.  Have fun (maybe not as much as we did) checking out these pictures.