Jean & Pam

Jean & Pam : Brunkild, Manitoba

Meeting in Brunkild, Manitoba (though they were both from nearby Winnipeg), Pam and Jean wanted to incorporate the place that meant a lot to them in our portrait session.

As Pam and I were driving out to Brunkild to meet Jean, we saw this beautiful old car sitting in a big farmer field.  We both fell in love and planned to end the session out there.  After we had fun shooting on the railroad tracks, on and under the train carts and in the girls, we made out way back to the abandoned car to realize the farmer was cutting all the grass in his field.  Jean asked if it was old to to some pictures by the cars and the farmer was so great and allowed us.  It’s one of those moments you can never set up as a photographer and the photo ends up being a staple in my portfolio for my career.